Not being able to physically hold a pen doesnot mean that a person cannot approve or sign a document.People who cannot write and who understand the meaning of a document may use an alternative mode for signing.

Alternatives range from an X, a stamp, a thumb-print, or assistance from an approved person. Depending on the situation, you may want to negotiate a formal arrangement for signatures with the individual. Make your forms easy to read and understand by following plain language guidelines. Some people will want to complete them on their home computer, especially if they use switches or other alternateaccess methods. Your forms must comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and provide the option to save the document without losing everything, as some people who require communication supports may needto take frequent breaks.

Accessible forms should also allow a person to access a spell checker, dictionary andpredictive text. Alternatively, some people will want human assistance to complete a form and take notes.

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