Meetings and Public Forums

In addition to general communication barriers, we may experience unique communication barriers at committee meetings, case conferences, board meetings and public forums.  These include:

  • May not be able to interject or get into conversations
  • May not get time to construct messages
  • Messages can be out of sync with the discussion
  • May not hear what is being discussed when preparing a message
  • May not understand what is being said
  • May need to take notes

If you organize meetings and events, it is important to offer communication assistance as part of your accessibility options, which may also include sign language interpreting and attendant services. If needed, a person can request a communication assistant. You can find people who may be able to assist by going to the communication assistance database.  It is also helpful to give people the agenda ahead of time as they might want to prepare a written message or program what they want to say in their communication device.  If you are chairing or moderating an event, make sure you give people the time they need to communicate their messages.

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