Professional Services

This sector is about community or out-patient appointments with professional services such as a family doctor, dentist, optician, chiropodist, wheelchair vendor, physiotherapist, and other services.

In addition to general communication barriers, we may experience unique communication barriers when using professional services.  These include:

  • Professionals and support staff not knowing how we communicate, or how to give information or ask questions in the ways we can understand and / or answer
  • Not having sufficient time to communicate what we want to say in a standard appointment time slot
  • Not being able to make appointments over the telephone
  • Not being able to handle, read and understand written materials
  • Not being given information in ways we understand so that we can give informed consent to treatment and procedures
  • Not being able to sign documents
  • Not being able to take notes at an appointment
  • Not having information kept confidential when professionals discuss our private matters with an accompanying person or family member