Community and Government Services

Service providers who interact with the public, whether in government, private, public or non-profit organizations and businesses, are obligated to make their services accessible for people who have speech, language and communication disabilities.  Depending on the type of service, this may involve communication access training for  staff and having resources about:

  • how to interact with an individual who has a communication disability.
  • how to ask an individual about their communication accommodation needs.
  • ensuring that an individual has extra time for communication.
  • making sure the individual has access their communication system at all times.
  • allowing the individual to have their authorized communication assistant available when they need their support.
  • negotiating options alternatives for telephone access.
  • providing options for alternate formats for written communication, including plain language and electronic formats.
  • providing accessible forms and/or assistance with completing forms.
  • accepting alternate signtures.
  • providing assistance with note taking.


Making services accessible for people with communication disabilities (webinar)

Guidelines for making services accessible for people with communication disabilities 


Audience: Staff in retail, leisure
Runtime: 2.00 min.
Focus: Tien Hoang on communication access when shopping