How CDAC works


  • Has a board of directors – 45% of its members are people who live with disabilities.
  • Works on funded projects that address social justice and accessibility issues.
  • Engages people who have communication disabilities, as paid consultants.
  • Hires professionals with expertise in areas to address the needs of specific projects.  This includes people who have backgrounds in communication disabilities, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), human rights, accessibility legislation, justice, and legal services, healthcare and adult education.
  • Shares information and resources at local, provincial, national and international levels via its website and social media.
  • Collaborates and networks with a wide range of partner organizations in areas of disability, speech-language pathology and augmentative communication.
  • Works with accessibility in government, healthcare, police, legal and justice services.
  • Welcomes feedback on all aspects of our work.