Voting / Elections

Audience: Voting
Runtime: 1.10 min.
Focus: Colin Phillips on communication access when voting

Things to consider:

  • Find out about the accessibility accommodations offered in our local polling station. Check out the elections office (e.g. Elections Ontario)
  • If you require accessibility accommodations, you can check to see if what you need is available in your area
  • If you require someone to assist you to read and mark your ballot, you can ask someone you trust to assist you.  You can also ask the elections officer to assist.
  • Carry a communication access card with you that explains how you communicate.
  • If you decide to vote by mail, you can apply for the special ballot kit on the elections website and send in your vote by the deadline
  • If you need to go to another voting location to use their accessibility devices, you should tell your local office to have your name put on the voters list in the other location.