Transportation Services

Things to consider:

  • Prepare a message or having a written note to tell a driver where you want to go.
  • Have instructions and/ or photos to show how to tie down your wheelchair or mobility device.
  • Telling the driver what they should do when communicating with you (Communication Access Card). Include a note that tells the driver what you will do if you need to get his attention when they are driving
  • Have your token or payment ready and placed in a location that can be seen by both you and the driver. Keep your payment separate from other money in your wallet
  • Discuss your preferred ways to book, cancel, confirm transportation arrangements with your local para-transit dispatcher (e.g. text, SMS, email)
  • Set up a script for regular bookings with your local para-transit dispatcher.
  • Discuss alternate transport arrangements with para-transit to ensure they give basic information to a pick-up service and confirm pick up and drop off as a safety precaution.
  • Have an emergency contact number ready in the event of problems or your transportation not coming.
  • If flying, have clear instructions on how to stow your communication device until you can use it.  Know how to turn off internet connection in fly mode.

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