Attendant Services

Things to consider:

  • Ask your attendants(s) to take the communication assistant course 
  • Together with your attendant(s) take the working with a communication course and customize what you want them to do when assisting you communicating with other people
  • Make a binder with sections for regular routines.  Explain in detail how you want your routines done. Include photos to make it easier to follow complicated instructions.
  • Color code electrical cords and connections so that your attendants can easily hook them up.
  • Have communication boards in places where you may not have your device, such as the bathroom or when lying in bed.
  • Make a list of emergency contacts and instructions and keep it on the fridge door and in your wallet.
  • Keep things in the same place so that attendants can always find and replace them rather than wasting time looking for things.
  • Discuss your preferred ways to book, cancel, confirm attendant arrangements with your manager (e.g. text, SMS, email)
  • Know your rights and the complaint process if you have a problem.

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