Audience: Staff in retail, leisure
Runtime: 2.00 min.
Focus: Tien Hoang on communication access when shopping









Things to consider

  • Have simple instructions in our device or on a card that tells the person what they should do when communicating with us Communication Access Card
  • Carry your items in a secure, closed bag behind your wheelchair.
  • If you need someone to assist you paying for things:
    • Keep your wallet close to our body and if appropriate, secured to it to your chair in a place you can see it
    • Have clear instructions that tell the person to handle our money in front of you, and to show and count out loud the money you are paying and any change you are receiving
    • Watch the cashier carefully as they handle your money
    • Pay with cash if you cannot physically and independently handle a card and PIN number. Never give your PIN to a cashier or a stranger
    • Keep bus tickets, money, and credit cards in separate compartments or separate wallets so that you can direct people to the appropriate place
    • Only carry the amount of money that you need
    • Shop at the same stores so we can build relationships with shop owners and cashiers

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