People who have disabilities

Here are some things you can do to help people understand your right to make or participate in decisions that matter to you and to get the supports you may need to do this:

  • Complete a communication support form that tells people about the supports that you may need when using their service. Bring the form with you to appointments or program the information into your mobile phone or device.
  • If needed, discuss and authorize people that you want to assist you communicating or making decisions.  You may want different people to assist you making decisions in different areas, such as financial affairs, legal matters, personal care, attendant services, healthcare, emergency situations, or police matters. There are lots of good examples of supported decision-making agreements on the internet. For a great resource, check out:  “A Good Life” by Al Etmanski
  • Put a power of attorney in place for personal care (healthcare, housing, food, clothing, hygiene, and safety) or property (anything you own or have the sole right to use, like money, a rental apartment, or furniture) in the event where you may be incapable and need another person to make a decision on your behalf. Check out our webinar, information and guidelines about power of attorney.
  • If someone is misinterpreting your communication, or not allowing you to communicate your opinions, ask for a Speech Language Pathologist to assist with communication.
  • In a police, legal or justice situation, ask for a communication intermediary to assist with communication.