This resource addresses Article 12 in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CPRD).  Recognition that people with disabilities enjoy legal capacity on an equal basis is at the core of Article 12.  Article 12 states that people must have access to the supports they need to make and communicate choices, preferences and decisions that affect them.

CDAC’s interpretation of Article 12 is that all people who have speech, language, communication and/or cognitive disabilities have a right to the supports they need to reveal and empower them to exercise their capacity and autonomy in all aspects of their lives.

People who have communication disabilities may need individualized supports in one or more areas of:

  • understanding spoken and/or written information
  • retaining information about decisions to be made
  • communicating their questions, opinions, choices, preferences and decisions
  • problem solving, weighing up risks, benefits, consequences to make decisions
  • completing and signing forms and documents

People need these supports in all choice and decision making situations regardless of whether they:

  • make a decision independently
  • with assistance from trusted people
  • rely on someone who knows them well to make a decision on their behalf, based on their known will and preferences.

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