We are grateful to people who have shared their stories with us.  Apart from Justin Clark and Shirley McNaughton, all other names have been disguised to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.

Justin Clark: This article by Shirley McNaughton, was published in Communicating Together, Vol 1, #1, 1983 and it is shared here with permission. As well as eloquently describing Justin’s courageous, landmark journey and achievement, Shirley provides an account of the communication supports that Justin required in court to reveal his capacity to make decisions affecting his life.

Losing Inheritance Anne’s story is about serious consequence of not having appropriate communication supports and how that resulted in losing her inheritance.

  Making a Will Harry’s story is about the communication supports he needed to make a will.

The Right to be Heard  Kate’s story is about the supports she needed to make a decision about whether to stay in a long term care facility or move back to her family home.

Supportive Housing  Arjun’s story is about a capacity assessment to live in independently in the community with attendant service

Birth Control  Jane’s story is about supports she needed to discuss decisions about birth control methods with her doctor.

Financial Institution Salma’s story is about her frustrating experience trying to open an account.