Established by Barbara Collier and Hazel Self in 2000, Communication Disabilities Access Canada (CDAC) is a Canadian, disability, non-profit organization, with charitable status. In partnership with people who have speech, language and communication disabilities, CDAC promotes communication accessibility to goods and services. Over the years, CDAC has developed a range of resources that are used by thousands of people in Canada and internationally.  These include individuals who have disabilities that affect their communication, accessibility policy makers, human rights lawyers, researchers, and clinicians, as well as community businesses, organizations and government groups.

As of January 1, 2022, due to lack of sustainable funding, CDAC is an online resource only.

Our online resources and trainings continue to be available at no charge to users, in order to advance accessibility to goods and services for people who have communication disabilities. Please direct inquiries to


CDAC recognizes that the implications of COVID-19 are serious for people who have disabilities that affect their communication. To help people communicate about and during Covid-19, we have compiled some resources that may be useful. We will do our best to add to these resources throughout Covid-19. We also suggest that you follow us on social media for updates.

See COVID-19 Resources