Communication Access Symbol

Communication Access Symbol

Most people are familiar with the wheelchair access symbol which tells people about ramps to get into buildings.  They may also know the sign language symbol that tells people that sign language services available or the Braille symbol that tells people they can get documents in Braille.  Until 2014, there was no access symbol in Canada that represented accessibility for people who have disabilities that affect communication.

CDAC developed the communication access symbol © that is now used extensively across Canada and North America. The symbol shows two faces looking at each other.  The faces have eyes, ears and one has an open mouth to indicate that they are talking.  There is an arrow going back and forth indicating a back and forth exchange between the two people.

Using the Communication Access Symbol

We encourage and give permission to individuals, businesses and organizations to display the communication access symbol to show that they will do their best to provide communication supports that people may need to:

  • Understand what others are saying
  • Have others understand their messages
  • Use the communication methods that work best for them such as speech, gestures, writing, pointing to objects or pictures, spelling words, typing on a communication device or human assistance
  • Get the time they need to communicate their messages
  • Read and understand your written information
  • Use an organization’s website and social media
  • Have ways to access telephone services
  • Sign your documents and complete forms in ways that are accessible for them

How we developed the Communication Access Symbol

With input from people who have disabilities that affect their communication, we developed the communication access symbol by designing six potential options. We wanted a symbol that the public could easily recognize as meaning “communication”.   We asked over 100 members of the public across Canada to tell us what they thought each of the symbols meant.  Overwhelmingly, people chose the symbol containing two faces, one talking, both watching and a two-way arrow indicating an exchange or interaction.

Please download, print and use the following Communication Access Symbol resources: