Communication Access to Justice

Audience: Police, legal / justice professionals

Runtime: 5.13

Focus: People with communication disabilities may require supports when accessing legal and justice services.


Communication Access Rights

Audience: People with communication disabilities, families and service providers

Runtime: 3.38

Focus: Describes people’s communication rights when using legal and justice services.
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Need for Accessible Services

Audience: Everyone

Runtime: 13.36

Focus: An interview about the need for accessible legal and justice services for people with communication disabilities.
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Communicating with Police

Audience: Police

Runtime: 3.34

Focus: Krystine Donato talks about communicating with a police officer.
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Legal Capacity and Communication

Audience: Legal capacity evaluators, service providers and healthlaw professionals

Runtime: 7.53

Focus: Colin Phillips discusses communication support during legal capacity evaluations.
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Pamela Cross on Access to Legal Services

Audience: Lawyers and Justice professionals

Runtime: 2.55

Focus: Pamela Cross, lawyer on the duty to accommodate the accessibility needs of people with communication disabilities.
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