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Communication Assistance Database

In some situations, people who have communication disabilities need someone to assist them communicating with other people. This database is a way to find people who have taken CDAC training and who may be able to assist individuals who have unclear speech, or who communicate using a picture, symbol, letter board or a communication device.
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  • The assistants listed here are NOT affiliated with CDAC and work independently.
  • CDAC does not endorse assistants listed here or pay for communication assistance services.
  • If you are looking for communication services or assistance communicating in a critical healthcare situation, you should contact your provincial speech language pathology association, or local healthcare centre.

About the People in the Database

General Communication Assistance

People in this database may be able to assist a person communicate with others if they have unclear speech or use a picture, symbol or letter board or communication device

  • They assist people communicating at meetings, appointments and in situations where they may require communication support.
  • They attended CDAC online communication assistance course
  • They are not professional communication clinicians and cannot conduct communication assessments, provide clinical services, recommend communication methods, or teach people how to communicate.
  • They work freelance and charge their own fee which is usually similar to attendant service hourly rate
  • They are not affiliated or endorsed by CDAC
  • They have at least 1 year’s experience working with people who have disabilities
  • They agreed to the communication assistance code of practice and ethics
  • They do not provide communication assistance in police, legal, justice situations or in serious healthcare situations such as consent to treatment, capacity assessments or communicating about end of life directives.
  • They can give you a reference and a resume which describes their work experience

Communication Intermediaries are qualified Speech-Language Pathologists with additional training from CDAC to work in police, legal and justice situations.

Communication Intermediaries:

  • Facilitate communication between a victim, witness and accused person who has a communication disability and police, legal and justice professionals
  • Work freelance and charge their own fee
  • Are not affiliated or endorsed by CDAC
  • Agree to a code of ethics and practice
  • Can be engaged by police, legal or justice professionals or a victim, witness or accused person with a communication disability
  • More information about communication intermediaries