If you work in a disability service

You play an important role in ensuring that your organization sets an example for communication accessible services.
The CAN communication access training  is available to support people in learning how to:

  • Be respectful when working with people who have communication disabilities
  • Interact with people who have different communication access requirements
  • Ensure people understand what is being said to them
  • Understand messages a person may communicate via unclear speech or using ways other than speech
  • Communicate over the telephone
  • Make your meetings and public events communication accessible
  • Provide written documents in ways a person can read and understand
  • Provide accessible forms
  • Accept alternate signatures arrangements.

In addition, you may want to:

  • Review your accessibility policies and procedures and include communication access
  • Make communication access an integral part of a person’s work and performance review.
  • Check the CAN discussion forum for issues relating to your sector.