Video Resources

Connecting to Communities
A DVD and book for people who use AAC
By Barbara Collier

Connecting to Communities explores how people who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) communicate in their communities.

Seven people who use AAC communicate about their rights and give suggestions about:

  • Communicating in their community
  • Meeting new people
  • Engaging in social conversations
  • Communicating at meetings
  • Telling businesses how to make their services accessible

The video clips are available for viewing below.

Click here if you want purchase the DVD and accompanying book.

Chapter 1: About this resource
This section tells you about the different sections on the DVD. If you want the book that accompanies this video, you can order it by clicking here

Chapter 2: Meet the Advisors
This section introduces you to the people on the DVD.

Chapter 3: Meeting People in your Community
This section is about communicating with people in your community.

Chapter 4: Having good conversations
The advisors give suggestions on how to start up conversations with people.

Chapter 5: Having your say at a meeting
The advisors give recommendations on how to participate at a meeting or communicate in a group.

Chapter 6: Communicating with businesses and organizations
This section is about communication access rights for people who use AAC.

Chapter 7: How the advisors communicate
In this section the advisors explain how they communicate.