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Bill C 81 update

Bill C-81 is scheduled for Third Reading in the Senate on Monday, May 13. The Senate meeting begins at 6 PM EDT and will be available to watch via video. If Bill C-81 is approved by the Senate at Third Reading, it goes to the House for their approval and with that, Royal Assent. Here is a link to the Senate agenda for May 13.

Here is a link to the presentation of the revised bill in the Senate Wednesday, May 8.

You will notice that the area of Communication has been amended by the Senate to include sign languages, ASL and LSQ.  While CDAC supports the recognition of sign languages, it is important to note that CDAC advocated for more inclusive language to include a range of communication methods, such as writing, typing, pictures, symbols, speech generating devices, communication assistance in addition to sign languages.

National Disability Summit

National Disability Summit

CDAC was invited to participate at the National Disability Summit, May 9 and 10, 2019 which was hosted by the Hon. Carla Qualtrough.  The focus of the Summit was to explore ways to create a barrier-free Canada as Bill C -81 moves  towards Royal Assent. CDAC shared information about accessibility for people who have speech, language and communication disabilities and how to make services communication accessible.

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This is the new CDAC blog where you can find the latest news and announcements about CDAC, accessibility, and communication rights.