Getting Help

You are the best person to decide what to do and who to tell. There are organizations that can help you. If you need help communicating with them, you may want to ask them to get you a communication intermediary.

Before you tell anyone, you should know that the law says that some people must report abuse that they know about.

It may help to tell:

  • Someone you trust
  • A counsellor, doctor, Speech-Language Pathologist, Augmentative Communication clinician, a teacher, an occupational therapist or a social worker
  • A lawyer
  • A police officer
  • Someone in your local disability organization
  • The employer of the person who is abusing you

If you can use the telephone or have private access to the internet and email, you may want to contact a:

  • Victim support line
  • Women’s shelter
  • Legal aid clinic

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