Become a Communication Intermediary

Communication Intermediaries are qualified Speech-Language Pathologists with additional training from CDAC to work in police, legal and justice situations.

Communication Intermediaries on the CDAC database:

  • Facilitate communication between a victim, witness and accused person who has a communication disability and police, legal and justice professionals
  • Work freelance and charge their own fee
  • Are not affiliated and endorsed by CDAC
  • Are paid by police, legal or justice system
  • Agree to a code of ethics and practice
  • Can be engaged by police, legal or justice professionals or a victim, witness or accused person with a communication disability
  • Only take on work that they are able and available to do

In order to be on the CDAC Communication Intermediary database, Communication Intermediaries must:

  • Live and work in Canada
  • Have a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology
  • Be eligible to apply for membership in a provincial, territorial or national speech-language pathology association
  • Have at least two years of clinical working experience
  • Have attended the CDAC trainings
  • Agree to the Communication Intermediary code of ethics and practices

Communication intermediary trainings are periodically provided online by CDAC.

Trainings are restricted to Speech-Language Pathologists living and working in Canada.

Please email us to apply for training.

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