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Federal Accessibility Legislation

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July 2018:

On June 20, 2018 the Accessible Canada Act was introduced in the House of Commons and passed first reading. The Accessible Canada Act, also known by its full title as An Act to ensure a barrier-free Canada, is presently a bill, and must work its way through the legislative process before becoming law in Canada. When it becomes law, it will create new accessibility requirements for certain federally-regulated sectors.

Disability organizations and activists are now studying the Act and developing legislative analyses and advocacy positions, which will be disseminated to the community. When the House of Commons resumes in the fall, the Act will continue to work its way through the legislative process. It is very likely that the Act will be referred to a legislative committee for further study and recommendations. Disability organizations, stakeholders and members of the community will likely have opportunities to provide feedback and input on the Act to the legislative committee.
At this time, CDAC is:

  • Reviewing the draft legislation Bill C-81.
  • Working with the Federal Accessibility Legislation Alliance
  • Soliciting input on ways to strengthen the legislation for people with communication disabilities
  • Setting up meetings with MPs and Senators to support the legislation