How to use the Database

Step 1:

  • Insert postal code of your location
  • Select Communication Assistant for everyday non-critical events
  • Select Communication Intermediary if it is a police, legal or justice situation
  • Select:  Search Results

Step 2:  Find an assistant or intermediary in the area who:

  • Has experience in the person’s disability (e.g. aphasia, cerebral palsy, cognitive disability)
  • Has experience in the person’s communication method if they use augmentative communication (e.g. picture, symbol board or communication device)
  • Speaks the language of the person (english, french)
  • Check out the assistant’s bio if they have one

Hit Select.

Step 3:

  • Enter your name and email.
  • Hit Send Message.
  • An automated message goes to the assistant.
  • The assistant or intermediary should contact you in 1-2 days.