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Federal Accessibility Legislation

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The following Blissymbols were used to assist people completing the 2017 survey. The survey is now closed.


The following Blissymbol vocabularies contain symbols to communicate about accessibility.

They may be useful to support people who use, or once used, Blissymbols to discuss their communication access needs and to provide input into the communication access survey.

You can use the Blissymbols in ways that meet the needs of the person you are supporting.

For example, the person you are supporting may want you to:

  • Print the pages with symbols that correspond to the survey questions
  • Cut out the symbols if it is easier for them to focus on one symbol at a time
  • Point to a symbol that illustrates what the question is about
  • Explain the concept and symbol, referring to the component parts of the Blissymbol, provided in the Blissymbol Vocabulary Glossary
  • Use the symbols to explore their communication access needs
  • Show them the symbols so that they can use them to communicate their response to the survey questions

You may also want to provide the person with these vocabularies to program into their device or include on their communication boards

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CDAC is grateful to Blissymbolics Communication Institute-Canada (BCI) for developing these symbol resources.

Click here for more information about BCI