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Communication Assistance Database

In some situations, people who have communication disabilities may need someone to assist them communicating with other people. This database is a way to find people who have taken CDAC training and who may be able to assist individuals who have unclear speech, or who communicate using a picture, symbol, letter board, or a communication device.

The assistants on the database are NOT affiliated with CDAC, endorsed, or paid by CDAC.

People who use this database are solely responsible for exercising due diligence when contacting, interviewing, checking references and resumes of anyone they hire.

To find a Communication Assistant or a Communication Intermediary 

  • Go to 
  • Enter the postal code of the location where the assistance is required.
  • Select General Communication Assistance for assistance at community meetings, appointments and public events.
  • When the screen changes, select the person who is nearest to the desired location, has experience in the disability of the person wanting assistance.
  • When the screen changes, enter your name and email, and send the automated email to the assistant or intermediary.
  • The assistant should respond to your email in a couple of days.
  • If you do not hear from the assistant you contacted, you should contact another assistant on the database

Payment for Communication Assistance:

  • Some organizations may pay for communication assistance services.
  • People using the database negotiate their own payment with the assistant they contact.

Expanding the Communication Assistance Database:

  • Please note that the database is new and growing. In some situations, there may not be an assistant in your area.
  • Click here for information about training to be on the CDAC Communication Assistance Database